Unlike ANY OTHER pulltab retailer, Wisconsin Souvenir Milkcaps proved in court that their product was 100% legal. There was an appeal to the case, and yet again,Wisconsin Souvenir Milkcaps won. To view this case, Click here.

Our cash promotion associated with our milkcaps are legal, because we strictly adhere to the following principals below:

Something of Value – Wisconsin Souvenir Milkcaps hold value. Not only do they have a value as a product, but also for collectible reasons.

No Purchase Necessary – If an application form is mailed out, it does not cost you any money to participate in the promotion. Click here.

End Date on the Promotion – Each of our tickets has a promotional printing end date clearly printed on the ticket.

Entry Forms Provided – Not only are the entry forms provided as above under the “No Purchase Necessary”, but they are also provided with each kit sold.

Odds of Winning – Each of our tickets has the number of winners printed on each of the ticket. The odds of winning are also shown on marketing material with each of the kits sold.

Randomly Distributed – All of the tickets are put in randomly, so no one can know where the winners are.

Winners Names Withheld – Winner forms are kept for a year for all winners of $100 or more. This helps to protect locations against fraud by taking information down on each of your big winners. This is ultimately to protect the player because Wisconsin Souvenir Milkcap pulltabs is concerned with the happiness of players and collectors. Unlike illegal pulltabs, which may not have proper winnings/payouts, WSM pulltabs’ system of recording information such as winners’ names provides us and interested parties with proof that we are paying winners just as we advertise. See our Incentive Program for more information!