Charitable Donations

What we’ve done, because we care.

Unlike many other businesses that are out to make money solely for themselves, we also believe in giving back to those in need. By purchasing Wisconsin Souvenir Milkcaps, not only are you buying an excellent product, but you’re also helping us ensure that our gifts will continue to be donated for the years to come.

Below is a list of our chartable donations:

– United with the Wisconsin USO & Donator of thousands of dollars towards pre-paid phone cards for service people in hospitals all over the world to call home.

– Sponsor with the Tavern League of Wisconsin’s Saferide Program donating $25.00 from each kit to the County Saferide program where the kit is sold.

– Sponsor with the Wisconsin State Fair along with US Cellular and others.

-Look for our annual custom designed State Fair Park Foundation tickets in locations all across the state.

– An Exhibitor at the Wisconsin State Fair since 2007 and a major participant in the Governor’s Blue Ribbon Auction each year. This helps the Wisconsin State Fair Park Foundation to raise money for continued education by purchasing a prize animal, which is raised by a young state farmer, at the auction. Also, the meat from the animal is donated to The Food Pantry.

-Along with the printer manufacturer, who is licensed by the Veterans of Foreign Wars, we contribute a portion of proceeds to the national VFW.