About Us

Wisconsin Souvenir Milkcap Promtions began with an idea, challenges, and legal battles. Nineteen years ago, the creator Walter Bohrer, studied the Wisconsin State Statutes as well as other promotions legal in Wisconsin. His idea goes back 100 years to the horse and buggy days when milk was delivered to customers door to door in glass bottles. The milkcaps offered customers prizes! Collecting milkcaps over the years had become a hobby of Mr. Bohrer.

Milkcaps today are a collectible item. His idea became known as Wisconsin Souvenir Milkcap Promotions. The challenges were the authenticity of his promotion. The legal battles have resulted in enormous attorney fees and endless research time. The First Legal decision was a victory against the City of Milwaukee and the Attorney General of Wisconsin. Our winning judgement was appealed by the Attorney General’s office, and the Appellate Court ruled Wisconsin Souvenir Promotions Legal.